Buy Me A Beer And Get On The Wall Of Fame

I didn't want to prevent anyone from accessing this book who couldn't afford it, that's the main reason why I put it online for free and didn't exclusively self-publish on Amazon. Although I recently released this as a book you can hold in your hands, which you can buy here.

I was a cash-strapped grad student in the not-so-distant past, so were all my friends, but somehow we always had money to get a beer once in a while. That's all I'm asking for in exchange for the hudreds of hours I put into making this, a beer (or a fancy cocktail if you're feeling generous). Buy me a beer and I'll put you on the Wall of Fame. Send a picture to [email protected] after you donate or BUY MY BOOK and I'll photoshop you into a picture of us sharing a cold one, then put it on the Super Wall of Fame.

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